General Turkish

Turkish courses have 6 levels:  2 Basic Levels (A1, A2); 2 Intermediate Levels (B1, B2) and Advanced Level (C1-C2). Students are assesed to see their progress in four main language skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills) and sub-skills (grammar and vocabulary). Successful students are awarded with certificates.

If one student fails proficiency test because of his / her poor grade in merely one certain-skill (for instance reading) he may sit for a re-take test. If he fails more than one skill-tests he is supposed to repeat the whole course. In our classes, we use the coursebook called Yabancılara için İstanbul Türkçe Öğretim Seti and its workbook, CDs and other supplementary materials designed by other experts on the field.

Turkish universities require those students, who would like to do undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, to get the C-1 certificate.

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